Youth Service Center

Adams Middle School

Youth Services Center
Bridging The Gap To Student Success

Michelle Keathley, Coordinator
(606) 886-1297
(606) 886-9214 [Homework Hotline]
Hours: 8AM-4PM


The Youth Services Center, created as part of the Kentucky Education Reform Act, is designed to enhance students abilities to succeed in school by assisting students and their families in meeting some of their basic needs.  This will be done by providing services at the center, in the school, and by linking families to agencies in the community.

A Special Note To Families

This is your Youth Services Center!  Please feel free to stop by and pick up some pamphlets, check out some videos, or just visit.  Call or come by anytime you have questions, comments, or concerns.  We also welcome your suggestions about services offered through our center.

Please contact us if you would be interested in volunteering or to find out more about center activities and services.

Center Services

Referrals to Health Care Providers                              Lending Library for Students/Parents

Counseling Referrals                                                   Magic Me Program for Students

Back to School Health Fair                                          Respect Society for 6th Grade Females

Presentations for Students and Parents                        Homework Hotline

Referrals to Adult GED                                               Open Houses and Orientations

Career Information for Students/Parents                     After School Programs and Workshops

Summer Programs for Students                                   Volunteer Training

Information/Referrals to Local Agencies                    Assistance with Basic Needs

Parent Support Group Meetings                                  Peer Mediation Program

Core Components

Referrals to Health and Social Services

Employment Counseling

Summer and Part-Time Job Development

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counseling and Referral

Family Crisis and Mental Health Counseling

Additional Components

Academic Support

Pregnancy Prevention


Peer Mediation